What We Do

Synchronicity engage with individuals, teams and companies to enhance performance by giving people a deeper understanding of their own and others’ behaviours. This means they can better appreciate why they find some people frustrating to interact with and yet others much easier – and what they can do to develop these key relationships.

Sounds simple, and it is – but the learning is powerful and has lasting impact – we call it ‘simplexity'...

Each person in every organisation has their own unique style, with different needs, expectations and motivations.

By accepting, understanding and valuing these differences people can begin to make a more positive impact in their interactions, and find a better way to work together, reducing frustrations and increasing tolerance, based on mutual respect.

The impact this can have on individual and team performance is profound, once the team dynamics are better understood.

Our services include Discovery© and now Deeper Discovery personality profiles, facilitator-led programmes, one-to-one coaching and individual and e-learning development modules.

At the heart of many of our offerings is the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile, a model based on the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung. These profiles utilise his deep understanding of the human psyche, to give individuals an engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into themselves and others. This leads to a detailed understanding of their unique personal style, how this impacts on their relationships and provides practical advice on ways to better relate in both their professional and personal lives.

The Foundation Profile whilst powerful in its own right, is most often supplemented with either the Management Chapter, Effective Selling Chapter, Personal Achievement Chapter and/or Interview Chapter, dependant on which is most relevant to fulfil different needs.

And everything starts – with you!

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