The Team Journey

  • Do you want to develop and foster real team spirit within your organisation?
  • Do you want teams to recognise and value the contribution of each team member?
  • How can your teams work smarter and work together?
  • How can you ensure all your teams are greater than the sum of their parts?

Good teamwork is about relationships. It’s about each team member understanding their role and contribution to the group and feeling valued for the part they play in helping the team succeed. When relationships are respectful, valuing and positive, the sky’s the limit!

Our Insights® Team Dynamics Programme helps team members gain a unique insight into who they are and who their team members are and enables the group to explore how relationships can be optimised. This is achieved by examining individual style, the team dynamic and the various inter-relationships between group members.

At the heart of the programme is the Insights Discovery® Learning System.

Our approach is high-energy, interactive and fun. We also encourage reflection and group discussion to allow a clear team action plan to be developed.

Fully understand the diversity within your team

team wheel colours

Programme Overview

  • The power of perception
  • The four colour energies in a team context
  • Jung’s preferences
  • The Insights Discovery® Wheel
  • The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile
  • Exploration of individual contribution and value to the team
  • Disclosure of preferred communication strategies
  • Review of team Discovery Wheel and it’s implications for group objectives
  • Group and individual action planning