Relationship Selling

  • How can you empower your sales executives to build first class relationships with their customers?
  • Do you want to inspire your sales people to exceed their targets by improving their attitudes, skills and behaviours?
  • Are you searching for an inspiring sales development experience that delivers results long after the training is over?

Relationship Selling is an essential programme of development for Sales Professionals. Designed to explore a sales person’s mindset, capability and behaviour at every stage of the sale.

At the heart of the programme is the Insights Discovery® Learning System. Sales people learn to maximise their sales effectiveness by using all four Insights® colour energies as relevant to the customer at each stage of the six step process:-

  1. Before the Sale begins (preparation)
  2. Identifying Needs
  3. Proposing the Solution
  4. Dealing with Buying Resistance
  5. Gaining Commitment
  6. Follow-up & Follow-through.

Those who are not in a direct sales role will still find the content highly relevant to improve their influencing skills.

Programme Overview

  • Discovering Sales Effectiveness -  the Six Steps Sales Model
  • Committing to Action
  • Role Plays
  • Recognising Type
  • Adapting and Connecting
  • Insights into Influencing
  • Developing a Positive Attitude
  • Building Effective Relationships
  • Effective Communications and Building Rapport

Build strong, lasting and profitable relationships