The Personal Journey

A fun and interactive programme which helps you understand your own personality better, and how you can adapt to working well with other personality types.
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The Leadership Journey

Explores the traits of great leaders and develop an understanding of how the Insights® Colour energies contribute to leadership in unique ways.
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Deeper Discovery

Building on the simple Insights Discovery® colour energy model, Insights® Deeper Discovery is a deep, insightful and thought provoking experience for individuals and teams.
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Organisational Culture

This programme delivers a cross organisational look at the personalities and culture that is in evidence. This knowledge can help steer the organisation to develop strong development programmes and can be used as input to strategic planning.
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The Team Journey

A high energy approach to understanding your team, how you work within the group and how your team can work together more effectively.  
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Full Circle Feedback

Find out how you are perceived by others you work with. Reportees, peers and bosses all contribute to the Full Circle profile giving you an in-depth understanding of your strengths and areas for development.
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Relationship Selling

Participants learn to strengthen critical relationships by maximising their sales effectiveness, using all four Insights® colour energies.
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Leadership course



Colour Ball for Traing and Facilitation Tailored Events and One to One Facilitation

Tailored workshops and one to one facilitation are at the bedrock of the business. Each customer team or individual is unique and by taking the knowledge and experience of the base programmes, and fully understanding the customers needs, Synchronicity's people deliver inspiring, creative and best of breed engagements.

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Colour Ball for After Dinner Speaking After Dinner and Key Note Speaking

Synchronicity's people, and in particular Dee Logan, have strong experience of key note and  after-dinner speaking. They use the colour philosophies pioneered by Carl Jung to educate and entertain at corporate, professional and social events.

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