Full Circle Feedback

  • Would you benefit from a practical and positive way of helping individuals become more effective – by exploring their self- perception and the perception others have of them?
  • How can your leaders gain a deeper insight into their style and how this impacts on those around them?
  • Would you like your team members to learn more about themselves and about each other so that they can work together
    more effectively?

The Insights Discovery® Full Circle Profile is the perfect complement to the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile, representing a natural next step on the journey of self-awareness.

The profile extends the understanding and perception of self to include an insight into the perception others have of our preferences, providing a fresh and rich perspective into personal approach, style and impact.

To receive the Insights Discovery® Full Circle Profile, an individual is required to complete the 25-frame Insights Discovery® Evaluator and a Feedback Group (comprising between 2-12 people – team members, peers, managers and/or customers) are invited to complete a 10-frame Evaluator, as well as having the opportunity to provide some additional comments. All feedback can be named or anonymous.

The result is a profile that combines self-perception with the perceptions of the Feedback Group – both as an aggregated group and as individuals - and uses the Insights Discovery® System as a framework to compare and contrast these perspectives.

Presenting the Full Circle Profile within this positive and reinforcing framework, enables individuals to explore their strengths and development areas and the impact these may have on their professional and personal relationships.

Full Circle Feedback

The profile is designed to encourage and support both one-to-one and group dialogues.

It brings personal feedback to life in a way that is engaging and positive and which ultimately inspires the individual to take instant action to improve interactions with key stakeholders.

To that end, the Discovery Full Circle Profile is accompanied by a Learning Guide: The Discovery Full Circle Profile Companion.

Comprising a wealth of hints, tips, ideas and exercises, the Learning Guide enables the individual to engage fully with the rich information contained within the profile, and to explore, in a practical and interactive way, the data provided by the Feedback Group.

Takes self-awareness to new levels