Deeper Discovery

  • Do you want to increase your understanding of the Insights Discovery® System and take your knowledge to a new level?
  • Can we help you to develop a fuller understanding of yourself?
  • Do you want to enhance a long-term programme of development by making it deeply meaningful to every participant?

Insights® Deeper Discovery makes personal breakthroughs that lead to business breakthroughs. With it you can unlock individual and team potential, focus on professional development and personal growth, and move beyond the Insights Discovery® colour energies to uncover a new level of awareness.

Building on the simple and accessible Insights® Discovery colour energy model, Insights® Deeper Discovery is a deep, insightful and thought-provoking experience for individuals and teams. As with Insights Discovery®, participants complete a short online evaluator. One of the outputs is a 13 page personality profile, which explores their hopes and fears, and the legacy they wish to leave.

Designed to impact on participants at both a personal and professional level, the Deeper Discovery Experience delves more deeply into the psychology of Carl Jung to enhance the practitioner’s understanding of self and enrich their comprehension of the Discovery System

This natural extension of Insights® Discovery uses the new Deeper Discovery Wheel to help participants discover their potential in an engaging and memorable way and apply their learning to the workplace.Deeper Discovery 1 Dee Logan

Frequent reference to the Deeper Discovery Profile enables participants to gain a profound insight into their personal psychology as well as learning more about the subtleties and complexities of personality which make each person so unique.

Deeper Discovery Dee LoganDuring the program participants observe and experience a range of new ideas, models and approaches. The format has been designed to create space for personal reflection, group participation, open discussion and one-to-one coaching.

The power of the personal experience, coupled with the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, provides participants with fresh ideas for their own growth and development as well as for the growth and development of others

Where it can lead

Individuals develop a profound level of self-understanding which has the potential to transform their approach to life and work.

Teams set an inspiring purpose and direction and put steps in place to create a lasting legacy.

People understand what drives and motivates them and become more authentic and inspiring leaders.

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