Barry Rogers

Since 2001, Barry Rogers has been actively engaged in successfully coaching international teams where cultural preferences significantly influence effectiveness and ultimately the success of the organisation. He is a founding member of the Association for Coaching (Scotland).

Synchronicity - Barry Rogers

Barry is based in Helsinki, Finland, travelling extensively throughout Europe where he coaches business leaders and managers in key areas such as team development and organisational change. Barry also has significant experience relating to the integration of foreign talent into Finnish working society.

Barry’s philosophy is that most things in life are achievable and his style reflects his down-to-earth and engaging approach encouraging clients to take action.

Barry believes the learning process is a life-long one and should be participative and above all an enjoyable experience. An accomplished speaker and facilitator, his workshops are exciting and informative and his style blends well with the message he delivers. Barry facilitates webinar programmes to support his international coaching and team development programmes.