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Carl Gustav Jung first used the term synchronicity to define "the simultaneous occurrence of two meaningful, but not causally connected events".

Synchronicity delivers first class, tailored programmes for personal, team and leadership development, offering a simple method and language to help you understand the best way of motivating yourself, and the most effective way of working with, and managing, others.

Programmes and Services

Synchronicity provide development programmes, tailored workshops and one to one facilitation, for organisations, teams or individuals.
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Deeper Discovery

Building on the simple colour energy model, Insights® Deeper Discovery is a deep, insightful and thought-provoking experience Insights Deeper Discovery wheelfor individuals and teams.

Synchronicity is delighted to be one of the first Insights® Accredited Companies to be able to provide both team experience and 121 coaching with Deeper Discovery.
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The Team Journey

The Team Journey

A high energy approach to understanding your team, how you work within the group and how your team can work together more effectively.
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The Personal Journey

The Personal Journey

A fun and interactive programme which helps you understand your own personality better, and how you can adapt to working well with other personality types.
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Synchronicity Workshop

What our customers think

"This exercise has been highly successful and has had positive results for our Continuous Improvement Programme, which is designed to enhance staff governance across the organisation.

Dee Logan’s infectious enthusiasm, personal commitment and depth of experience were major factors in delivering a successful outcome for my organisation."

Peter McIntyre
Director of Counter Fraud Services
NHS/NSS Scotland

Preference Flow ChartSpotlight on Dee Logan

Spotlight on Dee Logan

Dee is an inspiring and gifted trainer and facilitator. She brings passion, humour, knowledge,  and creativity to her work, helping her clients to understand themselves better and be more effective in the workplace. Learn more…


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